Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1

The District lies in mid-Galveston County. It is the oldest and largest water district in the State of Texas, having been established in July 1938 by the Texas Legislature as a Fresh Water Supply District.  On February 3, 1939, the District was converted to a Water Control and Improvement District.  The Board of Directors held its first meeting on July 9, 1938.  Galveston County WCID #1 has provided quality water to its customers since 1938 and 2018 marks our 80th year as a Water District.  

It lies within a high growth area, located between Houston and Galveston on I-45. The District primarily serves the City of Dickinson and some areas outside its city limits.  The District's service area has approximately 8,000 accounts with an estimated population of 25,000 people.  The District provides water delivery and wastewater collection and treatment services (utility services) in its service area. In addition, the District contracts for refuse (solid waste) collection services to approximately 900 customers within the District boundaries but outside the city limits of Dickinson. 

Finally, the District collects a fee for fire protection services from customers. The revenue collected from the Fire Protection Services Fees is passed directly to the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department on a monthly basis.  The District is within the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District and as such is required to use 90% of its water from surface water sources. The other 10% may come from ground water. The District purchases treated surface water from the Gulf Coast Water Authority. It also provides ground water as a supplemental source from four (4) water wells. The District delivered almost 675,000,000 gallons of water in 2017. Water supply capacity is sufficient to accommodate buildout within its service area; however, the wastewater treatment plant may require expansion to ensure capacity at buildout. The District has 40 authorized positions including the General Manager.  

The District has three (3) sources of revenue:
  • Property Taxes - The current property tax rate is $0.124608/$100 assessed valuation. Of that amount $0.098323 is for maintenance and operations; $0.026285 is for debt service. On May 9, 2015, the voters of the District approved the levy and collection of a maintenance tax not to exceed $0.10 per $100 of assessed valuation of taxable property within the District. 
  • Revenues from Utility Billing - Utility fees are set by the District's Board of Directors and can be found in the District's Budget document. 
  • Revenues from Solid Waste Collection - Solid waste collection and fees are determined by the District's Board of Directors (also available in the District's Budget document). 

The area is served by the Dickinson Independent School District. District students attend area elementary and middle campuses. High school students attend Dickinson High School. The high school is located near the District and is currently a 6A high school. 

THE WATER COMPANY is committed to providing prompt, friendly, cost effective service for our customers and taxpayers. This will be accomplished through employees who are self-motivated, dedicated, trained and who have a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and in the services they perform. The Board of Directors will communicate its support and expectations to all employees.

  • Providing the best water and wastewater services in the most cost-effective manner. 
  • Continually striving to improve and enhance the quality of those services. 
  • Striving for excellence in quality and quantity of workmanship keeping foremost in mind our commitment to "Safety First." 
  • Continuing a commitment to our employees through the establishment of an Employee Assistance Program and providing a drug-free work place. 
  • Creating an atmosphere of confidence and pride in THE WATER COMPANY. 
  • Maintaining an active role by THE WATER COMPANY in community and civic affairs.