The district performs continual rehabilitation and/or replacement of its infrastructure to ensure safe, reliable and compliant services. The district utilizes a Capital Improvements Program (CIP) to forecast the required capital projects based on short-term (years 1-5), mid-term (years 5-10) and long-term (years 15-20) planning and funding requirements. The current capital projects being undertaken by the district are described below.

Hollywood and Falco Service Area Improvements (Texas General Land Office CDBG-MIT Grant)

In October 2020, the district submitted a Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) grant application to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for water system and facility improvements in the Hollywood and Falco service area of the district. This application was the first time that the district was eligible to submit for this funding. In May 2021 the GLO notified the district that the submitted project was selected for a $8.189 million grant. This grant includes total rehabilitation of the district’s Hollywood Water Plant including repainting elevated and ground storage tanks; replacing existing booster pumps, yard piping, and electrical control building; installing a new permanent natural gas emergency generator; and replacing off-site ground water transmission lines from the well sites to the plant. The grant also includes replacement of a metal warehouse building and vehicle enclosure at the district’s Falco Operations Facility.

West Water Plant Improvements

The district operates and maintains the West Water Plant located along Farm-to-Market Road (FM) 517, west of FM 646 in-between Lovers Lane and Bentwood Bay Drive. The plant was constructed in 2004 to primarily service the developing Bayou Lakes subdivision but now services the entire western side of the district. The plant is a critical facility for the district’s water storage and distribution system as it is one of two locations where the district receives treated surface water from the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA). To continue to meet the growing water demands on the west side of the district, the district is in the design phase to add a second 250,000-gallon ground storage tank and a new 1,200 gallons-per-minute (gpm) booster pump to the plant. These improvements will allow the district to provide sufficient pump and storage capacity to maintain a 3,500 gpm fire flow rating along FM 517.

Lobit Water Plant Water Quality Improvements

The district operates and maintains the Lobit Water Plant located on Lobit Drive. The plant’s primary operation is to utilize surface water from the distribution system to fill and cycle the elevated and ground storage tanks on the site. The district has recently completed rehabilitation and repainting of both tanks and is now in the design phase to add tank mixers and a disinfection residual control system at the plant. The tank mixers will be installed in both tanks, while the disinfection residual control system will be housed in a new control building. These improvements will help to improve water quality and water age at the plant by maintaining a sufficient chloramine residual within both storage tanks for a longer period of time.

Hughes Lane and County Barn Lift Stations Improvements

The district operates and maintains a wastewater collection system that includes 34 lift stations. Two of the largest and most critical lift stations are the County Barn and Hughes Lane lift stations. The County Barn lift station is located at the rear of the Galveston County Road and Bridge Department on Highway 3 and services the entire portion of the district east of Interstate Highway 45 (IH-45) and south of Dickinson Bayou. The Hughes Lane lift station is located at the intersection of Deats Road and Hughes Lane and services the entire western portion of the district west of IH-45. The district is in the design phase to rehabilitate both lift stations, including replacement and/or upgrades of submersible pumps, guide rails, hatches, valves, wet well top concrete slab replacement, wet well wall rehabilitation with epoxy liner, electrical equipment replacement, installation of emergency natural gas generators, and SCADA system upgrades to meet district needs and current Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirements.

WWTP Process Control Improvements

The district operates and maintains a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) on Nebraska Street at Dickinson Bayou. The WWTP has gone through many upgrades and expansions, with the last major project occurring in 2003-2004. In 2021, the district engineer performed a conditions assessment of the WWTP which identified a number of process control components in need of upgrade or total replacement. These components include both mechanical items such as pumps, gate valves, meters, etc., and instrumentation items such as control panels and SCADA programming. The district is currently in the design phase to implement these improvements.