New Construction

NEW Construction

As the Dickinson region’s water and sanitary sewer provider, WCID #1 works in coordination with the city and the economic development corporation to facilitate economic growth.

WCID #1 is dedicated to working with developers, builders, contractors and new property owners to ensure successful collaboration from project concept through construction completion. We encourage residential and commercial developers to reach out to the water district in the planning stage of their projects to discuss water and sanitary sewer capacity, infrastructure needs, design requirements, connection fees and other topics.

The district has determined that all development plans for subdivisions, re-subdivisions and new home construction, including manufactured homes, be reviewed and approved to ensure the integrity of systems and to plan for future needs. These procedures provide for uniform and standard criteria for project development and construction.


The district will not provide water or sanitary sewer service to a property outside the district boundary (View Map). Property must be annexed into the taxing jurisdiction of the district before utility service is provided. A developer or property owner requesting for land to be incorporated into the district boundary shall conform to the requirements of the district’s latest annexation policy.

Developer Services

All plats, subdivisions of land or development of property requiring the dedication of water lines, sewer lines and/or facilities to the district shall conform to the district’s regulations described in its land development policy. The district will not provide water and/or sanitary sewer service until full compliance with these regulations has been met, which may include approval from the District Engineer. Learn More

Construction Standard Details

The district has adopted construction standard details for water and wastewater infrastructure. Any new water and wastewater construction within the district boundary shall conform to these requirements.

Cross Connection

Every source of contamination or possible contamination from any contaminant that originates from or is located at a residential or commercial establishment that is connected to any public water supply or that provides water to the public shall be equipped with the protection required under the district’s cross connection ordinance. These regulations apply to all new and existing plumbing for both commercial and residential customers. There is no “grandfather” clause allowing existing hazardous connections to continue to exist without installation of the appropriate protective device. The protection of the public water supply from contamination can only be achieved if all potential sources are eliminated. Learn More

Grease Traps

The district has adopted the 2018 International Plumbing Code which contains regulations governing grease traps in Chapter 10.

Industrial Wastewater Pre-Treatment

The district has adopted an ordinance that sets forth uniform requirements for industrial users of the district’s wastewater facilities and publicly owned treatment works, the discharge of which is permitted by TCEQ. The order enables the district to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, including the Clean Water Act (33 United States Code§ 1251 et seq.) and General Pretreatment Regulations (40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 403). Learn More

Builder/Owner Applications

Any residential or commercial builder or property owner inquiring about new service availability, requesting new service taps or connections, or installing new irrigation systems shall complete the appropriate form listed below. The district requires all new construction and major remodels to obtain a plumbing permit and an approved Customer Service Inspection (CSI) through the City of Dickinson’s Permits Department.